Tucker Street, Worthington, Ohio

Large detached houses of disparate architectural styles surrounded by generous plots of lushly planted land sit mute, shaded under a cathedral of trees in the North Columbus town of Worthington, Ohio. 

It is a very humid July evening. Nobody is outside. All are keeping cool, detached in air conditioned cold houses. 

A haze of mist is forming a foot or so above damp green grass lawns. A middle aged guy dressed in Satisfy running apparel jogs along the sidewalk.

A sharp crack sound cuts through the ambient drone of traffic from a nearby Interstate and distant freight train horns hauling coal north to Cleveland, south to Cincinnati. The crack is followed by the sound of splitting wood. A vast limb of silver birch falls ricocheting off another branch on its way down and flattens the runner.

After the thud and splinter of contact the scene falls silent. Startled deer glance at the fallen branch, the broken man. Then resume grazing the lush grass lawns.