Chubby Turkish looking kid about 15 yrs old soft looking bum fluff tash and attempted sideburns.

Bottle of Dr Pepper, unwraps a Rice Krispies bar swiftly consumed he tears open a blue pack of M&Ms and irritating me with the sound of pouring a little grouping of the brightly coloured droppings into his probably slightly clammy hand followed by a few dips into the left pocket of his puffer body warmer his hand negotiating a crackling plastic packet of Maryland cookies one after another after another after another.

His white iPhone 5 rings. He starts ye get me fam ing and all that. Talking about how many man dem fam... Aight fuck that I'm coming down fam. Na minor fam the fucking teacher having a go man what I can't carry a gas gun at school? I got all the Lea Valley come up in the playground and what I 'ain't gonna carry na fuck that fam.

Still on the white iPhone 5 he spots someone from his #149 top deck vantage point fuck it's Faris man & without saying goodbye he leaps up leaving a variety of evil snack packaging rubbish outlining his vacant form on the upholstered bus seat and steams weightily down the aisle of the top deck knocking a few fellow passengers elbows as he bowls.

And peace he is gone I wonder what merry hell he is about to dole out on the Kingsland Road tributaries. Something was boiling.