Royal Enfield - Himalayan - Directors Cut

Droga5 came to Electric Studios with a geological challenge; could we make a Himalayan mountain range using only stills and AI? The answer turns out to be yes, and no.

Hundreds of beautiful stills were brought back from the stunning shoot and armed with a single reference for morphing AI landscapes studios embarked on an R&D process that twisted and turned but eventually morphed into working with multiple AI engines to find solutions. None of which, at the time, were plug-and-play. But things change quickly in the world of AI. The team at Electric Studios ended up developing a new workflow that enabled us to create and train our own AI engine to produce customisable animated sequences. Studios were able to tailor the topography, time of day, lighting conditions and even climatic season of very specific Himalayan geology; from the sandy valleys below to snow-capped peaks at the top of the world.

The work from Electric Studios sits as just one part of the larger stunning campaign from Royal Enfield to launch the all-new Himalayan Motorcycle. This campaign is one of many AI projects we have worked on at Electric, with new workflows and technologies developing every day, we are excited to be at the forefront of what is possible in the growing landscape of AI.

Client - Royal Enfield

Agency - Droga5
CCO - Shelley Smoler
Group Creative Director - Matt Hubbard
Creative Director - Ed Redgrave
Snr. Creative - Pete Giblin
Creative - Oscar Gierup, Cameron Turner-Lowe & Conor Hamill
Snr. Producers - Tom Falck & James Plaxton

Post Production - Electric Studios
Executive Producer - Ben Honour
Creative Directors - Geoff Parsons & Sam Tootal
Snr. Producer - Tom Bogda
AFX and AI Artists: Domhnall Malone, Pavel Ivanov
Edit: Sam Tootal
Grade - Electric Colour
Colourist - Connor Coolbear
Producer - Rosie Corbett

Sound Post Production - 750MPH
Snr. Sound Engineer - Mike Bovill
Head of Production - Olivia Ray
Snr. Producer - Carla Thomas

Music - Dirty Soup
Composer - Lorne Balfe
Music Supervisor - Raife Burchell